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BALDOR MOTOR from BALDOR Page 164 of 236
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3261. Part #: M3543T
Description: .75HP,1140RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3428M, TEFC

3262. Part #: M3545-5
Description: 1HP,3450RPM,3PH,60HZ,56,3416M,TEFC, F1

3263. Part #: M3545-50
Description: 1HP,2850RPM,3PH,50HZ,56,3420M,TEFC, F1

3264. Part #: M3545
Description: 1HP,3450RPM,3PH,60HZ,56,3416M,TEFC, F1

3265. Part #: M3546-5
Description: 1HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,56,3516M,TEFC, F1

3266. Part #: M3546
Description: 1HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,56,3426M,TEFC, F1

3267. Part #: M3546T*
Description: MOTOR 1HP 1725RPM 3PH TEFC NEMA 143T 31LBS

3268. Part #: M3546T-5*
Description: MOTOR 1HP 1725RPM 3PH TEFC W-BASE 143T 31LBS

3269. Part #: M3546T-5
Description: 1HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3518M, TEFC,F1

3270. Part #: M3546T-50
Description: 1HP,1425RPM,3PH,50HZ,143T,3520M, TEFC,F1

3271. Part #: M3546T-8
Description: 1HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3516M, TEFC,F1

3272. Part #: M3546T-9
Description: 1HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3426M, TEFC,F1

3273. Part #: M3546T
Description: 1HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3518M, TEFC,F1

3274. Part #: M3550
Description: 1.5HP,3450RPM,3PH,60HZ,56,3424M, TEFC,F1

3275. Part #: M3550T-5*
Description: MOTOR 1.5HP 3450RPM 3PH TEFC W-BASE 143T 32LBS

3276. Part #: M3550T-5
Description: 1.5HP,3450RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3520M, TEFC

3277. Part #: M3550T-50
Description: 1.5HP,2850RPM,3PH,50HZ,143T,3520M, TEFC

3278. Part #: M3550T
Description: 1.5HP,3450RPM,3PH,60HZ,143T,3520M, TEFC

3279. Part #: M3554
Description: 1.5HP,1725RPM,3PH,60HZ,56,3520M, TEFC,F1

3280. Part #: M3554T-5
Description: 1.5HP,1740RPM,3PH,60HZ,145T,3524M, TEFC