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POWER MODULE from EUPEC INC Page 26 of 35
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501. Part #: TT162N14KOF-A
Description: POWER MODULE 162A 1400V DUAL-SCR CA

502. Part #: TT162N14KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 162A 1400V DUAL-SCR

503. Part #: TT162N16KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 162A 1600V DUAL-SCR

504. Part #: TT170N12KOC
Description: POWER MODULE 170A 1200V DUAL-SCR

505. Part #: TT170N12KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 170A 1200V DUAL-SCR

506. Part #: TT170N14KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 170A 1400V DUAL-SCR

507. Part #: TT170N16KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 170A 1600V DUAL-SCR

508. Part #: TT170N18KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 170A 1800V DUAL-SCR

509. Part #: TT170N25/16KOF
Description: PMOD

510. Part #: TT180F10KFC
Description: PMOD 180A 1000V TQ=25 DUAL-SCR

511. Part #: TT180F10KSC
Description: PMOD 180A 1000V TQ=18 DUAL-SCR

512. Part #: TT180F11KSC
Description: PMOD 180A 1100V TQ=18 DUAL-SCR

513. Part #: TT180F12KEC
Description: PMOD 180A 1200V TQ=20 DUAL-SCR

514. Part #: TT180F12KFC
Description: PMOD 180A 1200V TQ=25 DUAL-SCR

515. Part #: TT180F12KSC
Description: PMOD 180A 1200V TQ=18 DUAL-SCR

516. Part #: TT180F13KEC
Description: PMOD 180A 1300V TQ=20 DUAL-SCR

517. Part #: TT180F13KFC
Description: PMOD 180A 1300V TQ=25 DUAL-SCR

518. Part #: TT180F13KSC
Description: PMOD 180A 1300V TQ=18 DUAL-SCR

519. Part #: TT180N12KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 180A 1200V DUAL-SCR

520. Part #: TT180N14KOF
Description: POWER MODULE 180A 1400V DUAL-SCR